My First Blog…

Well I said I was going to do it for a long time and I am finally going to do it. Law School is starting in a few days and I would like to document the experience for my friends, family, and those who supported the effort to get accepted.

Why I’m all set? When I moved back to Massachusetts in 2009 to finish my undergraduate degree at UMass Lowell I noticed the phrase as an addition to “wicked” and other catchy phrases that were popular growing up here. I refuse to embrace the term and I am careful not to use it as there is enough of the population abusing the phrase already. This also includes my favorite variation “are you all set” which could mean “can I take your order” or “how bad is the bleeding should we call an ambulance?”

I’m not sure how frequently I will post rantings but I will try to do weekly updates. I am not the best writer in the world but I’m sure it will improve quite a bit as I progress through law school. I was never very good at spelling but I’ll make an attempt to correct the little red squiggles safari chooses tell me about.

In future posts I will talk more about the law school admissions process. It was a learning experience in and of itself. I will likely share this blog with other UMass Lowell students at the Pre-Law club so they can get a feel for the admissions process and law school.

The plan is to document law school and poke a little fun at living in Massachusetts. I talk to myself (and those lucky enough to be on the phone with me) frequently while driving and wouldn’t want to miss out on a forum to rant.

That’s enough for now…My sister has set up a family get together this evening to celebrate my acceptance to Suffolk Law School in Boston.


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One response to “My First Blog…”

  1. Pedro says :

    I always knew you were smart and determined to do great things. I wish all the best in your new endeavor. I am glad we have always kept in touch. Speak to you soon my brother. Semper!


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