One more day…

Last night my family brought me out for a nice celebratory dinner to a great restaurant, L’Andana.  My nieces made me some beautiful cards that will adorn a bare wall in my apartment when I finally move in.

I was able to fit in a very relaxing round of golf this morning.  I haven’t played much this summer beyond hitting some balls on the range and an embarrassing showing filling in at my cousins league in New Hampshire.  It was a little wet out there from yesterdays rain but the course was nice.  I had my headphones in the entire time singing as if I was alone, which I was for the most part.  I figure it will be the last time I play for a while.

The fun begins tomorrow.  Orientation begins at 8 and doesn’t end until later in the evening.  The apartment I found in Boston isn’t available until 1 October so I’ll be commuting for a while.  Not the best possible option but the place is right in the North End of Boston and I can walk to school if I needed to.  I don’t feel nervous about the first day but more of readiness to find the rhythm of my schedule.  It usually took the first week to ten days of a semester during my undergrad to figure out deadlines and keeping up with all the reading.  I hope it falls into place quickly.  The book list for my six classes was pretty expensive (a little over $1000).  I’m hoping some of them will be used for more than one semester.  They’re also very heavy; I may look into buying/renting a forklift just for the first year.  The lockers offered by the school will likely come in handy.

I have noticed a few law students and prospective students have either began following or looking at my blog.  Thanks for commenting and welcome.  I hope you’ll feel free to ask any questions.  I’ll do my best to respond with an accurate answer.  I will also keep an eye on your posts as well.

I’m off to assist with the launch of one of my undergraduate professors website.  We put some work into building the site a few weeks ago and are pretty close to a launch.  I’ll post the website’s name once it has been hosted.  For those of you interested in intellectual property law (copyright and trademark) and art you might find the forum interesting.


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  1. ariaxami says :

    Good luck at orientation tomorrow!!

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