Managed to make it through the first two days of orientation. A friend from UMass is also in my section so I had someone to hang out with the first couple of days.

The instruction seemed to be standard fare. We gathered in our sections for some sessions and then combined with another section for short classes that had less interaction. Thursday we broke into our Legal Practice Skills (legal writing) sections and interacted in the smallest group.

There was definitely a lot of nervous excitement in the crowd. A lot of the other students I spoke with seemed eager to get started more than anything else. The getting started part didn’t take too long, each day I check the campus cruiser (our online system) I seem to have another first class reading or legal briefing assignment to complete. Just today I’m pretty sure I read half of the entire semester of information we covered in my undergrad criminal law class and that’s just for the first week.

During orientation there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on a few themes. First was that we should treat law school like a job. Have a start and finish time for each day and set goals for what to finish during that 8-10 hour shift. Second, don’t forget to do the things that you did before law school started. There seemed refer a lot to exercise but the Dean mentioned she enjoyed watching Star Trek during law school. So really anything that keeps you sane will likely work. Third, be prepared to interact during class. Do the reading keep up with the assignments and prepare yourself for the socratic method of teaching. Lastly, the administration and 2L/3L stressed to seek out help if you are having difficulty.  The administration seemed to have an honest interest in seeing everyone succeed and offered their assistance in many different areas.  The 2L/3L students we met with in our LPS sections seemed to be relieved they were no longer first year law students but assured us that if we worked hard and stayed on top of things we would be successful.  It was nice to hear things weren’t all doom and gloom which is what I suspect many people has as their first impression.

I have assignments for five of my six classes, weapons safety class, and a party to attend for my cousin who is joining the Marine Corps very soon. I’ll write more later after those reading assignments.  Have a good weekend everyone.


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One response to “Orientation”

  1. MGM says :

    Great first week! Good luck in Week 2. I think I quit about twelve times by the end of Week 2… and I still made it through.

    Very level headed approach so far. This blog will help. So will 18 years of professional experience!!

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