First Week of Classes

Yes it finally happened.  Week one wasn’t too bad.  I’m pretty sure the professors are going easy on us to let us get some kind of pattern started.  The homework hasn’t been too heavy but is definitely there.  Looking ahead most of the classes have 1-6 cases to brief for any given week.  The one part about law school I was not aware of is that there are really only two tests (at my school anyway), a test in December and a test at the end of the year.  One of the classes “Legal Practice Skills” (a legal writing class in addition to other things) is the only class that has multiple graded assignments throughout the year.  The first year students here are enrolled in six classes, five of which last the entire year.  Criminal law and Constitutional law are only half year courses.  I knew before starting that first years take the classes they are told to take, but did not know they lasted all year.  I

did a silent cheer to myself when I found out the classes last all year since the required books cost upward of $1000.00 and that’s not including the recommended text which most classes have.  Speaking of recommended text, there is one class in particular where all the professor does is talk about the “recommended but not required” text.  I’m not sure why he didn’t just make it a required text book he’s definitely a character more about him another day.

The nervous energy of orientation has, as expected, simmered over to week one.  It usually isn’t too hard to tell who is in their second or third year.  They have an air of relief of having finished the first year or the confidence of graduating in nine months.  The other years seem to be friendly toward us at the moment.  I’m not sure if they pity us because they know how difficult the year ahead is or if they just are amused by us.  I suppose I’ll know more about that next year when the first years a bumbling around the building like I am now.  The students in my section have begun to break off into groups, some forming study groups and some merely sitting in proximity.  I sat away from some folks I’ve been sitting next to most of my classes for only one class and felt a little weird.  Apparently there is something to be said about strength in numbers.  One of the guys asked my friend if we were fighting.  He put on his best sad face, let a tear drop and sobbed “yes”.  Okay so I made that up, I just arrived to class late and there weren’t any seats nearby.  I imagine the entire section will get pretty close over the next few months.  One girl in the class invited everyone out for an end of the first week celebration, regrettably I could not attend but once I move into Boston I’ll be more apt to attend the after school parties.

Why didn’t I go?  I’m currently living about 45 minutes North of Boston and take the commuter rail to school each day.  45-60 minutes on the train and a few stops over from North Station to Park Street isn’t too bad but I would rather walk a mile from the apartment I’ve secured in the North End.  I’m hoping the move into the city will cut down on the fatigue I’ve been feeling this first week.  The 9:30 bed time I set for myself has turned into 10-10:30.  I am trying to get into bed early so I feel alive by the time I get to the train, but it’s proving difficult so far.

I think that’s enough for week one. I survived the first week.  The weeks to come will undoubtably become busier and these posts will get shorter.  Lucky for me I type nice and fast so I’ll try to jam something out at the least weekly…or if something really entertaining happens.  Those of you who are commenting thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement, I will try to get back to you personally if I can.  Welcome to all of those who are subscribing.  My mother just signed up the other day…:)




One response to “First Week of Classes”

  1. Mom says :

    Well Jeff, I figured if I didn’t read your posts I would never see you or hear from you because your going to be so busy. This gives me a chance to know what’s going on in your life at school… Looking forward to more to more posts, as they do entertain me. I’m sure you can get a lot of reading done during this big hurricane we are about to have.
    Talk soon,
    Love, Mom

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