Week Two

Hello out here,

I was just thinking I’m going to have to come up a more creative heading for each of my posts, but I suppose “week two” will have to do for now.  There isn’t much to report about the second other than it seems that everyone is getting more comfortable with school, the word load, and each other.  The week ended with a 1C get together at the 21st Amendment, a bar near school that is supposedly the 1C hang out of previous years.

I managed to have a somewhat relaxing weekend though I have about what feels like a months worth of contracts reading/briefing to do.  It only seems like a months work because it’s the one class I have a hard time figuring out what the issue is.  The teacher has a somewhat shotgun approach to teaching class.  I imagine I’ll get it eventually it’s just a pain in the rear right now.  Property is another class that is hard to grasp.  Thankfully our professor is going fairly slow in the beginning and beating the horse dead (or in this case the fox in Pierson v. Post and the whale in Ghen v. Rich) to ensure we understand the basic concepts.

Tomorrow is our only day with four classes.  Property, Contracts, Torts, and LPS.  That along with the hour each way commuting to school wear me out pretty good.  I’m still trying to get into bed around 9:30-10:00 which is proving difficult so far.

I’m off to enjoy some pasta and meatballs with my two crazy nieces.  Until next week…


One response to “Week Two”

  1. stephanie says :

    love it! ur awesome! xox

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