I’m sick…go figure…

Hello all,

This is not a cry for sympathy, I only have a cold.  I pretty much expected it to happen within the first month or so.  Lots of reading, less sleep than I’m used to, and the filthy commuter rail finally caught up to me.  Boo freaking hoo.  I needed a more interesting title for my post than “week 3.”  Anyway, sick or not I survived the week, managed to meet a few more cool people at school and didn’t die from boredom in Contracts.  I’m hoping for at least a half recovery over the weekend which so far has so far been consumed with sleeping, criminal law reading and drugs (all legal of course.)

Speaking of criminal law, it’s become one of the more interesting classes that most of us seem to look forward to.  There is no doubt in my mind the professor will be a strict grader when it comes to exams but he’s thought provoking and mildly entertaining during class. I’m not sure but I think they might have scheduled him after contracts (which we’ve observed many have stopped attending) to wake all of us up before Legal Practice Skills (LPS.)

LPS is a class where we are taught how to analyze cases and write like a lawyer.  It sounds reasonable enough, my LPS teacher is very knowledgeable, runs a fun class and loves to email us five or more times per day.  The truth is, I’m secretly afraid she might discover this blog and correct all of my grammar mistakes.  The entire class is currently living in fear of our first assignment which is a memo to her concerning a group of cases that apply to our “client.”

All said, this week was more of the same, lots of reading, feeling a little more lost in some classes and a little less in others.  Trying to keep up with the reading and case briefings is becoming less challenging than in week one and two.

Well I’m off to get loopy on cold medicine.  I’m not a huge drug pusher so when I take them they really work!


One response to “I’m sick…go figure…”

  1. Community College Students Anonymous says :

    I’m just discovering this for the first time, but I did read all the posts. It makes me feel like a wimp for all the complaining that I’ve been doing over at the Community College. I refuse to post my name out of sheer embarrassment, knowing that all your new law school friends will undoubtedly be reading this.
    Other than the fact that your writing seems a little passive, I hope you keep up with us and keep us informed on how you’re doing.
    Best of luck! You know as well as the rest of us that this is pretty much in the bag for you. If you ever need to blow off some steam I’m always up for a verbal beating, I know it brings a smile to your face.
    Keep in touch and let’s get together soon! Miss you!
    – Community College Student, Too Embarrassed to Admit on Your Law School Blog

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