Yes I’m still here…

Hello, Friends, Family, nosey strangers, and my fellow 1C warriors,

For those of you who actually read this and do not communicate with me in person, phone, or Facebook I am still alive and surviving my first year. I’ll apologize up front for not writing the last few weeks. It has been busy and on top of school I moved last week.

I’ll start with school since that is what this is supposed to be all about. It’s getting kind of crazy. I’m staying on top of things for the most part but I can definitely feel the pressure building. Reading, briefing, and trying to understand the cases is getting a little easier but trying to implement what I’ve learned and think ahead to testing has been weighing on me lately. We just received a “problem” from our criminal law teacher who won’t be around next week. I’m following his advice and hoping I can come up with a positive result. I feel pretty good about Criminal Law; it’s contracts that could potentially slip away at any minute. Two friends and I purchased an extra book recommended by the professor as well as another study aid. I hope it clears things up fairly soon. Enough about that mess, lucky for me my brother-in-law attorney and a former professor told me not to worry about it. They managed to pass I’ll take their advice.

The first LPS memo that I might not have written about was handed back Tuesday. Tuesday is our worst day of the week. I think I speak for the class when I say our minds are numb after the day has ended, so I waited until Thursday to actually read what she wrote about my memo. At first I thought it was drivel and I wouldn’t survive the next memo (which is due in a couple weeks) but after reading it closely and my professors explanation in class, it wasn’t quite as bad as it looked. The additional information was helpful. There was one part where I did something she said explicitly to not do. Unfortunately they’ve told us to do and not to do many things in the month prior to its due date and I forgot…oops.

On a more positive note, I moved to the North End of Boston last weekend. Small place but bigger than my last place. This one actually has a stove and a bathroom sink. The commute is 30 minutes total versus the 2.5 hours from before. I’m still getting used to how the area works but I have a lot more time to spend in the library at school, which is where I do the most productive work. Most everything I need is within walking distance and everything else is a short T ride away.

I did manage to get out to the burbs and see my nieces today; we worked on penmanship and letters. My mother should get a good laugh out of that since my penmanship was terrible when I was her age. It’s a little far out to write letters to Santa since he and I haven’t had our yearly lunch and discussion about their behavior yet but I can’t blame her for getting a head start. I had to pass on apple picking so I could go shopping and stock my barren apartment. My grandparents reminded me about Italian night next Saturday night, which is more of a family reunion. It should be a good time and a break from studying. I was chosen by my sister and brother-in-law to be godfather to my niece Violet next Sunday. It’s only logical that I be picked because I’m a pretty awesome uncle to begin with and she was almost born in my car, either way they made a good pick. No ring kissing necessary but you will have to wait online if you have requests in the future ☺

Leave the gun take the cannolis. Speaking of delicious pastry, I wonder if anyone has any advice (preferably if you’ve been living in the North End a while) on how to walk past the string of bakeries on Salem Street could lend some advice on how to avoid the tempting smell every day. I am trying to resist the temptation but it’s not easy. Modern’s is my favorite, Mike’s isn’t bad but it’s definitely not the best neither is on Salem but there are some that are tempting me.

Since I have a few followers who are on their way to law school I’ll say a few words about where I’m at two months in…be prepared to work your ass off. The first year of law school is every hard undergraduate class you had all rolled into one semester with no tests until they’ve tried to cram tons of information into your head. There are people in my class who are losing focus already. I caught myself doing it a couple weeks ago. It’s not hard to find a distraction when you’re reading about some goof who lost a fox 200 years ago because some other guy caught up to it first. Don’t be surprised when you ask yourself why you are doing this to yourself. Everyone does, and if they say they didn’t they’re probably lying. I’ve only done it once so far and it was while reading some crappy contracts case at 11pm on a school night. Just remember that it’s worth it and the faculty wants you to succeed. How else are they going to squeeze you for 40K a year? I’m kidding, they seem genuinely interested in helping.

Thanks for the advice from both of my former professors and of course my brother-in-law who seems to enjoy reliving his experience, without the long studying hours. More next week maybe…we’ll see.


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One response to “Yes I’m still here…”

  1. Karen Beriss says :

    Dude. You write well. Seriously. I will read more. THanks.


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