Hello out there…how’s the weather?

Last week’s attempt at a post was a wash due to an important LPS paper. The last minute editing and rushing around by my classmates was amusing to watch, luckily I gave myself enough time over the weekend to finish writing, leave it for 24 hours, and give it an honest edit. For those who don’t remember LPS is the Legal Practice Skills class, or the Suffolk Law legal writing class. I assume all 1L’s are required to take a writing class of some sort. The best part of this particular class is we only have about 14 students; it’s much better than the 85 or so in the majority of my classes. I feel like my section got the best professor of the bunch. We get so many handouts and suggestions on how to write the different parts of the memos that I laugh at myself while editing. I’m fairly accomplished at using non-human subjects and screwing up the most obvious requirements that I would likely be lost if left to my own writing skills.

There was so much time spent running around thinking about and drawing up the memo that most of the week was a blur. As usual, contracts was unmemorable and a reasonable part of the weekend must be spent trying to figure out what the hell is going on. We are still on adverse possession in our property class, which has only become slightly more interesting because we moved from adverse possession of real property to adverse possession of personal property. The Tort’s professor is likely giving us a false sense of security by being meticulous and covering every square inch of material. He could possibly be the only professor alive that can turn five pages of reading into two 50-minute classes. The general consensus is that we genuinely enjoy his instruction and attention to detail but our admiration is overwhelmed by the fear of his testing expectations. I decided to not talk in class two this week since my attempt at answering a question was fumbled and awkward earlier in the week.

I’m dedicating an entire paragraph to Criminal Law not only because it’s interesting but also because we get so much more…that was sarcasm. Let’s see we finally maneuvered past the Cahill Case. He gets side tracked often with his distaste for Mitt Romney or conservative idea in general that doesn’t have a similar political view as his. It’s waste of time and a distraction on an otherwise entertaining subject taught in a manner that I genuinely admire. Some of the more interesting advice, which is decidedly not related to criminal law, is that we should seek another state to practice. I had considered this even before law school not because I knew the state was over saturated with lawyers (a bit he has told us a few times) but because I am not a fan of the state in general. I am not ready or prepared to make a decision at this point in time on whether I will take the Mass Bar but taking another bar is something I will consider after seeking out more information, maybe I’ll see what Wikipedia has to say ☺ At this point I’m as decided on where to practice as I am to what type of law interests me most.

UMass Lowell finally got around to mailing my diploma. I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I was unimpressed with the document. I suppose comparing it to others I’ve seen on the wall is a bad idea right now. I guess I’ll have to pay $200 to have it properly framed and matted in order for it to look like I put some effort into graduating. I hope the J.D. diploma looks a little more impressive.

Looking at the current weather I’m skeptical about this “winter storm warning” it looks more like cold rain than snow…it would be nice for the weather people to keep quiet until they know more instead of sensationalizing every stiff breeze and cold front that comes our way. I’m still trying to figure out how to arrive at school without looking like I’ve run there. It’s only a mile walk but it seems like the more I try to stay warm the more it looks like I’ve just arrived from the gym and the less I wear the more I look like I stood outside for three hours.

In other news I went for a 30 minute run Thursday evening…bad idea. The goal was to stop making excuses and just go run, well driving cold rain and wind is now an acceptable excuse. I must say I’ve run in worse and colder weather but that was while in the military and not optional.

Attaching this to my Facebook profile has ruined the anonymity that I started out with; those of you reading at school…enjoy…send comments if you want. I’m not a drama queen so don’t expect any serious debates. The blog wasn’t started with any of you in mind; it’s all in good fun and a great way to blow off steam.


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2 responses to “Hello out there…how’s the weather?”

  1. joey says :

    by 30 minute run, do you mean 30 minute ride on your rascal?

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