A week full of Birthdays….where’s my party hat?

So I’ve been reading contracts for the better part of 2 hours now. I decided to take a newer approach (if you’re not reading the previous posts or are not in my class you should know this is the worst class of my first year). I left my casebook and supplemental to the casebook at school and took only my Calamari and Perillo book and another supplemental I flipped through this summer. My hope was to look through the table of contents and find areas that I was weak in or couldn’t begin to explain. I’m not sure if it will work but it has proven to be more frustrating then fumbling through the casebook. Now I’m not saying that I don’t know anything about contracts, I just don’t know as much as I probably should at this point in the semester, which makes it difficult to start studying for midterms.

The need for change stemmed from receiving past exam questions from our professor. After giving them a good read I know I am definitely have an idea of what is being asked and the issues but feel like I am ill equipped to give a sufficient answer. I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not the only one having difficulty but I am hardly one of those people to put my faith in the “law school curve.” Speaking to a few folks who had my contracts professor last year instilled little confidence the explanations were going to get any better. Anyone out there with a suggestion on a different approach is welcome to comment…I’m all ears at this point.

Someone is having a birthday party tomorrow…no it’s not me. I do need to find a gift for a seven year old girl, I was thinking a car but it’s a little early and they lose their value so quickly. I’ve had a pretty good run with niece/nephew gifts over the years but feel that slipping away; they’re outgrowing me so quickly. Tomorrow morning might be spent in Toy’s R Us trying to stop myself from buying Lego’s and GI Joes. I suppose if I cannot control my childish urges I can donate them to Toy’s for Tots which should be getting started pretty soon since Christmas shopping is coming up soon.

The Marine Corps will be turning 236 years old on November 10th. Congrats to those past, present and future Marines for being the finest fighting force in modern times. For those of you not familiar, there is a procedure for the Marine Corps Birthday. General Lejeune’s Birthday message is read along with a cake cutting ceremony that recognizes the oldest and youngest Marine present. When I first joined the current Commandant’s message was read but now we usually watch a video instead. This year’s video is pretty impressive and it’s posted to the blog. If you are lucky enough to be near a Marine Corps base or a large gathering of Marines you should ask if they are doing a pageant where Marines wear the uniforms of Marine Corps past and explain their historical significance. It’s a pretty cool event that many people around the world look forward to each year. Friends who have been on Marine Security Guard duty at U.S. Embassy’s around the world tell me that every diplomat in the country seeks out an invitation to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball each year.

My grandmother Connie will be turning 25 again this week on Veterans Day. She’s a spry 25 still jogging 3 miles a day and lifting weights. All right maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but she would if she could. She’s one hell of a puzzle finisher. Now if only my grandfather would stop hiding the pieces.

That’s enough for this week. I think I’ll study contracts at a coffee shop or the library so someone can stop me if I look like I’m smacking my head against the wall too hard ☺


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