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Hello out there,

A couple interesting things have been going on since the last update. The Bruins are perfect in November winning 8 straight games and the law school I attend was in the news for a few days based off of some comments by one of our professors.

First the Bruins…Nothing like coming home after being gone 15 years to a winning and competitive hockey team. My teenage years were ruined by Montreal led by a goalie I refuse to name that will never be welcome within 500 ft. of my present location at any time until one of us passes. After a slow start they decide its time to show the rest of the NHL who won last year. I’m going to assume they let the first few games go to give the sports announcers something to talk about for the first few weeks of the season. In my opinion they have looked better in the last 10 games than they did in the playoffs last year. I had the pleasure of attending on Tuesday evening to see them defeat New Jersey. Tuesday’s game was Military Appreciation Night. There were a lot of current military and National Guard members in attendance to enjoy the game, take down a few beers, and receive some much earned thanks.

Those of you in the Boston area and those that pay close attention to the news in other areas may have read a response one of the Suffolk Law Professors made in response to an email from our Veterans Association who were asking for care package items for troops deployed to Afghanistan (which includes one of our current students). If you haven’t read the email I have included the link to Michael Graham’s webpage and blog “The Natural Truth”. If you look around the webpage he posts updates. If you want to read a copy article and laugh your ass off at the comments go to and find what they posted.

My initial thoughts about the email were that of annoyance. After having a night to sleep on it and give it another good read, I cooled down a bit. I’m stealing this and likely paraphrasing from my brother-in-law but what he said rings true…you may have the right to say whatever you want but that doesn’t mean people won’t think you’re a nut. Oddly enough, a friend of mine observed Mr. Avery while smoking in front of our building and sure enough the faculty didn’t seem too interested in his company and chose to enjoy their break as far from him as they could. While many of you will be outraged by the comments and likely disagree on where Mr. Avery lays the blame, Suffolk Law decided to stand behind his First Amendment rights while assuring everyone his views were not that of the school and that they had a strong record of being friendly toward vets. It seemed to be a pretty weak stance but my assumption is that once alumni contributions slow down they will likely take a different angle. I’m sure there are many that called for his immediate removal but it is my understanding that he is teaching this semester and it would be unfair to the students enrolled in his classes to take their professor away before finals and be assessed by another who is unfamiliar with what material he covered during the semester.

It should be interesting next semester since I am scheduled to be in Mr. Avery’s Constitutional Law class. Initially I thought transferring from the class would make sense since if one were to take out “veteran” from the email and put any one religion, race, color, national region etc. in it’s place and all hell would have broken loose. But since veterans are not a protected class I think it should be interesting to see how he handles himself when there are at least three that I know of who are scheduled to attend his class.

As mentioned in previous posts, law school limits testing until the end of the semester. Four of my classes are having midterms and there is a three-hour final in Criminal Law. The testing period is 7-20 December with a nice bit of time between each test. It should be interesting to see everyone freaking out, some hide it better than others but we will likely all have a look of weariness on our faces soon. I for one am looking to see how much I have actually learned. It has been a struggle at times but I have tried to continue with the enthusiasm I started out with. There are classes (contracts) that try to ruin that focus but I think I am keeping a pretty decent handle on things so far.

I’ll likely write something over thanksgiving…until then…enjoy your turkey and make sure if you’re going to fry it, that you do so outside the fire department will be busy enough putting out the fire at your neighbors house.


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