Suffolk Law Update

Hello again,

I thought I would share a little breaking news. Just today an Adjunct Professor at Suffolk Law resigned. His letter of resignation and a podcast of the interview can be found on Michael Graham’s website. I have shared the link.

I think some will say he should have stayed and fought the good fight. It appears being there didn’t seem to matter to the faculty at all, since they didn’t feel the need to invite him to speak where he might have been able to articulate an opposing argument.

I for one am disappointed that I won’t have the opportunity to take his class. Those of you who know my background know I enjoy his area of expertise.

Good luck to you Mr. Roughsedge, I’m sure we have not heard the last of you.

Read the Resignation letter here:

Listen to the podcast here:


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2 responses to “Suffolk Law Update”

  1. Unknown Esq. says :

    As an alum, you would be surprised at how prevalent Professor Avery’s opinions are. In 2001 my Con Law Professor – who shall remain nameless- responded to a question about why he went to Law School during a small gathering of students thusly: “because I wasn’t stupid enough o go into the army and get sent Vietnam”. He then proceeded to ask us what our father’s did for a living. I responded that my father volunteered for the Airborne. He simply snickered.

  2. jeff22192 says :

    Thank you for your comment. Beyond friends, family and fellow students I wasn’t sure if this blog had made it outside of my circle. If the University chooses to keep Avery on their staff he will be my Con Law Professor in January. Additionally, the Student Veterans Association is meeting later today to put together a response. I will stick by my belief that as long as alumnae are kept in the loop as to how the Law School is (or really isn’t) handling this situation donations will suffer and will force them to act. As usual money talks…

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