The British are Coming…or Finals

It’s true; the dreaded mid-term/finals period is upon us. Moving in quickly are the sleepless nights either studying or worrying about being unprepared. Lucky for 1L’s at Suffolk Law the administration has taken pity upon us.  They have scheduled three days buffer in between exams, leaving the Criminal Law final for last. As stupid as this is going to sound, I’m glad the tests are coming up soon. I for one like to know where I stand when it comes to school and have found it difficult to figure that out when there have not been any tests. Enough about that whole mess, but if you are one of those people who see me often, I will likely be hiding in a library or the Starbucks on Commercial Ave by my apartment. 

 Speaking of the Starbucks on Commercial Ave (where I currently sit) a few of my favorite customers have strolled in, more like limped bitching and complaining about every ache and pain they have ever suffered.  Nothing like a few old school Italian women who swear like truck drivers and talk more smack than the New York Jets before a Patriots game. Just my luck they’ve moved closer giving me the opportunity to hear them loud and clear and encounter that sweet smell of cheap perfume and cigarettes.  And so close to Thanksgiving…nothing like a reminder of what I should be thankful for.  If I have a newsbreak in the middle of this entry it’s because the girls next door have something colorful to say that must be shared.

I did double duty this Thanksgiving visiting my Dad’s side first for some tasty bird and a few trimmings.  My strategy was to not over eat at the first stop (I failed) and ensure the variety of selection was such that I would get to try a few different dishes at my sister’s place.  Essentially mashed potato at one but not the other etc.  My sister’s husband brined the turkey this year and I must say I think this is the way to go.  While the food was tasty at both my fathers and sisters houses the highlight was the battle royal between my nieces and nephew.  No one is really sure why the melee ensued but in a flurry my oldest niece was being pummeled by her younger sister while my nephew (whose crying I believe started it all) stood in disbelief that such a small person could open such a large can of whoop ass.  I recorded some of it…pretty funny stuff.  Once the parties were separated and sent to their respective corners my sister stepped in, turned off the football game, and put in some DVD that only adults who are parents are allowed to watch. 

Oh no, here comes their favorite punching bag.  A nice old woman who somehow stops in to Starbucks every time I’ve ever seen them in here, they didn’t get the jump on her arrival like they usually do (which typically begins the gossip of how much they hate something about her and finishes with hey how are you? we love your coat, how are the kids)?  The best part of this interaction them trying to block her from sitting down at their table, there must be some reality show mogul out there somewhere capable of turning this into money.  **Update** The newcomer has been sitting with them for 20 minutes and just acknowledged by the group.  I can’t help but wonder if she knows they hate her.  I can’t imagine why…she’s seems like the nicest one!  

Keeping with the holiday theme, does anyone out there do a “Secret Santa” drawing to keep the Christmas spending down in their family?  We started last year and use some online program that does all the picking for us, we keep the limit to $100 and you only have to purchase for one person. It’s a pretty good idea and allows you to focus thought process of picking out a gift for only one person.  From what I’m told, my sister tries to figure out who has her every year, so much for keeping things a secret.  I’ll never tell.  I’m soliciting for general ideas; I know what my person likes but I’m always open to suggestions. 

I have somehow managed to finish the second to last draft of my LPS paper.  What a pain in the ass this thing has turned into.  I generally like writing but these things are pretty tedious.  I am devising a strategy for the next memo so that I don’t want to toss my computer across the room while writing it.  It’s been a decent first experience but I do wish the conference with our LPS Professor were a little longer.  At least on here it’s not open season on my poor grammar.

Well it’s been real people, but I will likely be out of touch for a few weeks to study for tests, as usual I will be notified by email of any comments. 


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