A Festivus For The Rest of Us

 First semester is in the books…sort of anyway.  Law school isn’t quite like what happened at UMass.  Here we have to wait until about mid January for our grades.  I thought at first that I would think about how I did during the break, but I haven’t given it much more than a fleeting thought.  I figure I can stress out later when they actually come in and worry about how well I need to do on the final exams so I keep my grades up. 

 Thanks to you out there who gave me some advice on how to prepare and focus for the exams.  I followed it as best I could and feel as though I did pretty well on most of the exams.  Many of you who read this have Facebook or participate in some other social media; the students in my section are no different.  I stayed amused by those in my class who posted their anxiety, funny videos, and study break distractions.  The Suffolk Law Dean of Students told us that we should continue to do the things that we did prior to finals starting; so I managed to watch almost every Bruins game.  It gave me some time to cook a real meal and relax.  Thanks to the Bruins for not playing like crap and raising my blood pressure. 

The next semester starts on 9 January, just a few days to enjoy the New Year and get back to it.  This semester our class will substitute Criminal Law for Constitutional Law.  Our section has not received a reading assignment yet, but from what I hear the reading is extensive throughout the semester.  I enjoyed Criminal Law and expect the same from Constitutional Law as well. 

While grades are the true measuring stick of success in law school I feel as though I learned a lot of new information and can feel the way that I analyze problems evolving.  After finals, I was sitting in the room that I use as an office in my apartment wondering what the hell I was going to do with myself for three weeks with no actual reading assignments, briefs to prepare, or LPS papers to stress out about.  I will likely take a few trips this vacation to get in some rest and relaxation, take my mind off of school, and recharge my batteries.  I can’t imagine going back and not making use of the time to relax. 

Enough about school…more about Christmas America’s most celebrated holiday.  There are some stores that have been advertising since Halloween for this all important day.  I think it’s a bit of over kill because it doesn’t matter if they advertise in June most people are still shopping all the way until the day prior anyway.  They could start on December 20th and save us all the trouble.  For instance, the only Christmas music I will humor is Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker (Waltz of the Flowers may or may not have been playing while I typed this) and possibly Maria Carey (and only because I was in my early 20’s when she was still a smoke show) all that other stuff can be muted.  I did a good portion of my shopping with headphones in jamming something acceptable in order to not lose my mind in the stores. 

I will not give previews on what I bought anyone that has the ability to read.  I put the most effort into the kids gifts anyway.  The oldest niece will be stargazing, the next oldest will be making a mess, and my nephew will be good and noisy the way a boy should be.  My youngest niece is a fan of things that make noises so I found her something that was noisy enough to make her happy but not drive my sister crazy.  I went to Toys “R” Us and was happy that I only have to go a few times a year.  I get a little bit excited.  The only way I think I can describe my behavior is that I’m a child with a credit card and poor self-control though I did manage to stay out of the Lego isle, but that’s only because the kids aren’t old enough to play with the really awesome Lego’s yet. 

I think that’s enough for now.  I’ll keep everyone posted about the Christmas break; I’ll likely be in D.C. for a few days hanging around.  I will likely not drive down so I’ll be able to meet anywhere the Metro will take me.   Merry Christmas, Go Pats, Go Bruins, and HAPPY FESTIVUS!


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One response to “A Festivus For The Rest of Us”

  1. RAFIV says :

    How did IL go and how do you like 2L?

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